License Suspension

In most cases, we can have your suspension(s) lifted with 24 to 48 hours or can stop (“stay”) a scheduled suspension within 24 to 48 hours.

Speeding & Red Light

I will either be successful in dismissing speeding tickets or drastically reducing them.  Dismissal and substantial point reductions.

Free Case Evaluation

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Why You Should Retain the Law Firm of Anthony P. Giustino

  • I handle all phone calls personally
  • I represent you my clients from the first telephone call to the last closing mail to my clients including all motions to dismiss (no extra charge) and all court appearances.
  • Filing of Motions to Dismiss at no extra charge
  • Save Points (I have focused 90% of my legal representation on traffic matters)
  • Save Time (In 95% of cases, you need not appear in court. I will plead not guilty on your behalf and demand the documents necessary to defend your traffic matter(s)
  • Save money (I will save you money on fines – most time substantial monies; insurance rates, drivers assessment fee)
  • Save stress and aggravation

We Defend All Traffic Tickets & Violations

Speeding & Red Light

Speeding Tickets A speeding ticket will: Add from 3 points to 11 points on your license.

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License Suspension

License Suspensions and Pending Suspensions In most cases, we can have your suspension(s) lifted with 24 to 48 hours
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Stop Signs & Tailgating

Stop Signs If you are cited for passing through a stop sign illegally, call me immediately.
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Seat Belt, Phone & Texting

Cell Phone or other Portable Electronic Devices (including texting) The law is very broad in its definition of what device

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Trucking Violations

Trucking Violations I represent owners and operators of commercial vehicles who land themselves in traffic court or district courts in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Driving Without Insurance

Driving Without Insurance While a conviction for driving without insurance carries with zero points on your license,

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